Top 10 Best Cowboy Hard Hats in 2022 Reviews

The best cow hard hats in the market bring out a unique fashion sense. They are durable, especially those with a premium construction to withstand daily use. What’s more, you can find sizes that suit kids and adults head circumferences. Others have wide brims to keep out the sun from the face and also prevents sunburns. The following are the best cowboy hard hats in 2022.

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List of 10 Best Cowboy Hard Hats Review in 2022:

#10 Cowboy Hard Hat

#10 Hard Hat, Cowboy

By: VULCAN Cowboy Hard Hats

This hard is among the most affordable in the market. Although it’s cheaper than most, it doesn’t disappoint in service. For instance, it provides excellent protection from the sun during those hot days. What’s more, it can keep the rain from your face during light showers or sprinkles. Weighing just 0.16 ounces, this cap is lighter than most brands. Even a little kid and the elderly can wear it effortlessly when going out. Another feature we love is the availability of various colors to suit everyone’s styles. There is white, brown, and black for appeal and modern feel.

Made in the USA, this headgear is durable and outstanding. It comes in a simple plain look free of graphics for those who prefer a laid-down appearance. Morvweer, the polyethylene shell is robust for longlasting use. Similarly, it withstands abrasions and scratches better than other materials to maintain the lovely look.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Affordable and reliable design
  • Protects the face from the hot sun
  • Durable shell resists scratches and abrasions

#9 IDS Home Dark Brown Cowboy Cowgirl Hat

#9 IDS Home Dark Brown Cowboy Cowgirl Hat

By: IDS Home Cowboy Hard Hats

Looking for a one size cattleman hat? Then we’ve got you because the IDS Home cap is perfect as a cowgirl or cowboy hat. Not only that but also its ideal dimensions can be used for different-sized head circumferences. And it comes with an adjustable strap for superior fit and customized fitting. Just pull or retract the band when sizing it for a different person wearing it. In addition, its brown finish brings a classic and vintage feel to the area as you match with other attires.

Moreover, this best cowboy hard hat is designed from premium faux micro suede leather. That means an extended use and also reliable performance. Besides, this material bears most abrasions and pressures without tearing for more consumer value. We love the multipurpose functionality of this accessory suitable for a costume party, dress-up, occasions, and other outdoor events. Even the brim keeps out the sun from your face to prevent sunburns and other conditions.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It comes in a one-size to fit all head sizes
  • Suitable for boys and girls
  • Lovely brown shade provides a classic feel

#8 Kangaroo Cowboy Hat

#8 Kangaroo Cowboy Hat

By: Kangaroo Cowboy Hard Hats

The Kangaroo cowboy hat is sturdy and ideal for multiple occasions. It can be worn for parties, daily jobs, and many more. Also, it measures 14 inches wide by 0.7 inches high for a secure fit. The structure prides a well-styled and well-built mechanism derived from premium materials. Not only that but also the cleanup won’t take too much time when using the recommended detergents. This product is durable featuring studded brown elements for a natural and earthy feel. Plus, the inside section provides around 21cm for the circumference.

We love this western hat made for comfort and reliability. With metal studs, they complement the look while withstanding unfavorable weather elements like rust, water, and much more. Also, they bring out the elegance to the hat suitable for most times of the day. And it has enough space for bigger kids and adults to wear to various places.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Suitable for multiple occasions and places
  • Made from heavy-duty material for extra strength
  • Ideal for bigger kids and adults

#7 Western Child Cowboy Hard Hat

#7 Western Child Cowboy Hat

By: Western Express

Do you own a cowboy hat and have kids in your household? Then this model is engineered for little one to upgrade their look. What’s more, it comes with an elastic band that fits all children’s heads securely. At the same time, it prevents falls while playing, walking, or jumping around. Make sure you tighten it for a comfortable fit while the elasticity increases comfort. Moreover, we love the lightweight construction of this product for cozy and premium wear. And it has smooth edges and surfaces to prevent any discomforts to the skin.

Additionally, this best cowboy hard hat is made from faux felt which supplies impressive strength. It cleans quickly and won’t fade to maintain the appealing shade. Also, those looking for an authentic style, the design won’t disappoint. Besides, the gold and black bands are ideal for all occasions, such as parties. Note that the brim measures 3 inches and the crown 3.75 inches.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Has a small size ideal for kids
  • Comes with an elastic band for security
  • Made from premium and dull-free material

#6 MSA Cowboy Hard Hat – NFL Hard Hat

#6 MSA 818392 NFL Hard Hat

By: MSA Cowboy Hard Hats

What makes the MSA cowboy hat more appealing is the lovely gray/blue finish. You can complement the color with your attires such as boots, shirts, belts, and much more. What’s more, the instructions explain an easy way to wear and fit this product. With a Class E-safety feature, it protects your head from extreme heat. It allows enough air to flow in and around your head. Additionally, the four suspension points are easy to adjust for customized wear.

This hard hat is rugged and made from premium polyethylene materials. For instance, the shell is durable and resists scratches, rusting, dulling, and abrasions. Also, you can walk around in the sun without worrying about cracks, unlike the low-quality models. Furthermore, head sizes between 6.5″ to 8″ can wear this headwear to look sleeker and modernized. For the front brim, it’s ideal for accessories.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It has an appealing and strong construction
  • The gray/blue finish suits most attires such as boots
  • Made from rugged and long-lasting materials

#5 MSA V-Gard Hard Hat

#5 MSA V-Gard Hard Hat

By: MSA Cowboy Hard Hats

MSA is a sturdy hard hat with a V-Gard for extra style and sophistication. It’s made from a robust polyethylene for the shell for superior impact protection. Not only for safety but also this material is easy to clean as it resists scratches, dulling, and rusting. In addition, the premium features of this product include crown straps that self-adjust. That means you enjoy a comfortable and secure fit for many hours.

Furthermore, this best cowboy hard hat prides a Fas-Trac III suspension for extra protection. Note that the construction is slotted to allow simple use with most V-Gard accessories. Also, the full-brim look offers protection from the scorching heat.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Offers impressive protection from the hot sun
  • The shell is durable and resists scratches
  • Simple to wear for an extended period

#4 UwantC Mens Western Faux Felt Cowboy Hard Hats

#4 UwantC Mens Western Faux Felt Cowboy

By: UwantC Cowboy Hard Hats

We love the UwantC cowboy hat thanks to the basic styling for low maintenance. It measures 14 inches wide by 0.7 inches tall for a secure fit. What’s more, the head circumference is 22.2 inches, the hat brim width is 3.8 inches, and the hat depth is 4.3 inches. In case it’s too loose, just adjust the size to get more firmness and protection. In addition, the new fashion style of this cap has faux leather and polyester elements. Not only for extended use but also natural care to enhance its service.

Both men and women can wear this headgear to upgrade their current look. Also, the various colors available include yellow, beige, tangerine, coffee, black, white, red, dark beige, and much more. And those looking for an interesting blend, a red-coffee tone is easily accessible. This unit has a versatile appearance ideal for winter, autumn, spring, or summer when at a fashion hipster, touring or cosplay party.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Has a basic styling for low care
  • Suitable for both genders and different occasions
  • Comes in lovely colors such as dark beige

#3 Jackson Safety Black Cowboy Hard Hats

#3 Jackson Safety Black Cowboy

By: Jackson

Jackson is another best cowboy hard hat that provides high sun protection. It comes with a wide enough design to keep the scorching heat away from your face. Also, the four-point suspension and ratchet adjustment add protection. No more worries about loose or too-tight fittings when you can make the suitable adjustments. We love the various tones this product prides of to meet most occasions and personalities.

In addition, this cap boasts a hard hat structure for premium strength. It can handle excessive use, strikes, falls, and other abrasions without tearing. In addition, this cattleman hat is well-made with robust materials to handle ruggedest jobs.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Provides high sun protection
  • Comes with four-point suspension for more safety
  • Can handle most robust jobs without tearing

#2 grinderPUNCH American Flag Cowboy Hard Hat

#2 grinderPUNCH American Flag Cowboy Hat

By: grinderPUNCH Cowboy Hard Hats

This is another best cowboy hard hat with an American Flag for that US appeal. It has lovely colors such as blue and red, to complement most attires such as boots, shirts, jeans, and much more. Also, it boasts of a firm closure for enough elasticity when worn. Similarly, it prevents falling during extreme winds to leave you looking chic on the go. In addition, the sizing of this unit can fit heads measuring 21 1/8 up to 23 inches. For the cap dimensions, it measures 6 3/4 to 7 3/8 inches.

Get better comfort when rocking this cattleman hat thanks to the inner lining. It’s structured from safe material and features a sweat band for a snug fit. Also, the overall substance of this product is derived from a coated straw for enhanced durability. And it has enough thickness and wear-resistance than the competitor. Furthermore, the coating allows minimal sunlight to penetrate to prevent sunburns. Both women and men can wear this hat for a unique cowboy look.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Has a lovely American Flag design
  • Suitable for women and men
  • Comfortable and protective inner lining

#1 WESTERN EXPRESS Men’s Cowboy Hard Hat


By: Western Express Cowboy Hard Hats

Western Express is a premium brand with quality cowboy hats. This comes in 19 3/8 up to 21-inch sizes for the perfect fit. Also, you can choose one which offers ideal comfort in the first wear. And an elastic closure supports quick and straightforward wear without difficulties. Plus, the lovely color suits most occasions, personalities, as well as style. For those worrying about the fit, this cap supplies a secure hold.

What’s more, the engineering process of this product provides excellent protection. Use it to keep your head and face out of the hot sun and rain. In addition, it has improved water resistance for added security and coziness. Note that the white straw shade is among the other tones.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Made from premium and safe material
  • Comes with an easy to use elastic closure
  • Protects from the rain and hot sun.

Key Considerations For The Best Cowboy Hard Hats

When buying a cattleman hat, some features affect its longevity and performance. Things like material, size, and much more. Also, we have the top tips to help you make a sound purchasing decision as follows.


What type of material is used to create the best cowboy hard hat? Most are designed from leather and sturdy fabric to offer excellent protection against many elements. For instance, they won’t rust, dull, tear, or stain when exposed to low and cold temperature. Also, maintenance is at its lowest, unlike the inferior fabrics.


Also, consider the circumference of the cattleman hat. Some are created for little kids while other models are for bigger children. Going through the chart size will make the process more straightforward to get an ideal fit. Preferably you can avoid all of these hassles and choose a design with an elastic band. It provides a reliable fitting for all head sizes suitable for different activities.


Walk in style during those hot days with the best cowboy hard hat. It offers maximum sun protection to leave your face protected from the heat. Also, the best cowboy hard hats come in various sizes to fit adults and kids’ heads perfectly.

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