Top 10 Best Grill Covers in 2022 Reviews

The grilling equipments don’t come at cheap prices. To enjoy the best outdoor experience, you must invest a considerable amount in a smoker or grill. Due to the adversity of the weather, grill units may be subjected to unexpected damage. Luckily, the grill covers are now available and they are so much trendy. To ensure the protection as well as longevity of a grill, a grill cover is the best product to consider. The protective coating on the surface and spacious design usually encompasses the entire grill.

What makes the grill covers stand out is they can even protect the device against extremely low temperatures. So, there are no worries about the degradation of the grill. When you look at the available choices, you may find some grill covers with waterproof functionality. Such covers suggest the optimal projection in almost all weather conditions. Know more on the most popular and the best grill covers:

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Feature to key consider for grill covers:

To end up with the best purchase for a grill cover, take a look below:


Enjoying steamy delicious grilled food while camping or picnicking is a wonderful experience. The alternation in taste of the food due to weather spoils the fun. Look for the most appropriate size of the grill cover to ensure the optimal fit. During sudden storms or other adverse weather conditions, it must stay stable on the grill. Apart from encompassing the grill, it must not risk damaging the parts and accessories of grills.

A too small grill cover cannot fully encapsulate the grill and so it proves to be inefficient. On the other hand, a too large grill cover leads to a loose fit. In such cases, the wind and moisture may penetrate inside the grill and spoil the food taste. Always aim for a close fit to ensure that moisture, wind, and other weather elements stay away.


The key notion behind purchasing a grill cover is to fully protect the device. For frequent camping at different places, you must aim for a waterproof grill cover. This kind of cover completely protects the grill against moisture, rain, and stormy wind. If your budget allows, look for a heavy-duty, waterproof grill cover.

Another protection feature you can focus on is UV protection. Since the grill equipment is expected to stay outdoors most times, it will be constantly exposed to harmful UV rays. A grill cover with UV protection retains the original color and finish of the cover. Also, it makes sure there is no bad effect on the taste of food.

Additional features:

After all the above essential features are focused on, you can then consider some extra features. Consider a grill cover with a vent to allow appropriate airflow. The proper air circulation employs a natural taste to the food being cooked. Another additional feature you can consider is the ease of cleaning. Look for the one which is easy to clean with water, mild soap, or a brush.

List of 10 Best Grill Covers Review in 2022:

10. Unicook Waterproof Barbecue Gas Grill Cover:

10. Unicook Waterproof Barbecue Gas Grill Cover

It is vital to fully protect the grill unit irrespective of weather conditions. This latest gas grill cover from Unicook works flawlessly in any environment. It can repel water, UV rays, tears, and cold cracking. The entire cover is made up of fade-resistant fabric. The surface has a vinyl coating. All these features indicate that the cover provides comprehensive protection to your grill. No external elements can harm it.

On both sides, straps and handles are available for portability. Use the straps to perfectly fit the cover and remove it when needed. Presence of straps also suggests that the cover does not slip off or blow off during windy conditions. When you want to safely hang or store your grill, use the available handles. What sets this cover unique from the rest grill covers is it is equipped with air vents. These mesh vents are available on both sides for optimal air circulation. Another wonderful feature is it can fit grills available in various sizes and shapes.


  • Works in all weather
  • Fits grills of various sizes
  • Provides enough air circulation

Why We Liked It?

The cover does not hamper the movement and functionality of the grill.

9. Weber Premium 22 inch Charcoal Grill Cover:

9. Weber Premium 22 inch Charcoal Grill Cover

A durable grill cover is always desirable to ensure comprehensive protection of the grill. This one from Weber is built from original polyester to resist all weather elements. Even in severe cold conditions, the pliability and breathability are high.

It is due to the softness of the fabric that facilitates easy placement and removal. This fabric effectively resists fading and UV rays. To ascertain that the cover always stays in place, a fastening strap is available.


  • Resists all weather elements
  • Strap keeps the cover in place
  • Durable polyester construction

Why We Liked It?

We like the perfect fit on the grill and the ease of removal.

8. Grillman Premium 58 Inch BBQ Grill Covers:

8. Grillman Premium 58 Inch BBQ Grill Cover

Never fear about a grill cover blowing off during stormy weather conditions. When you equip your grill with this Grillman cover, it always stays in place. The loop straps and fabric hook are pre-attached. They ensure a perfect fit on the grill. With the use of heavy-duty, high-quality oxford fabric, durability is not a concern. There is PVC lining on the surface. Due to the extra-wide design, the cover can easily fit all grills from famous brands.

The ability to resist water, moisture, UV, tears, and cracks suggest that it offers all-round protection. The side straps are valuable when you want to ensure a tight fit. What’s more, the ease of cleaning guarantees peace of mind.


  • Fits all famous grill brands
  • Wind resistant and very durable
  • Offers secure fit

Why We Liked It?

The cover appears beautiful and fully protects the grill for years.

7. Unicook Waterproof Barbecue Gas Grill Covers:

7. Unicook Waterproof Barbecue Gas Grill Cover

Do you like enjoying grilling often? If yes then this Unicook cover is just for you. At any outdoor place, it guarantees all-round protection of your grill. It is uniquely designed to sustain the severity of weather conditions. The protection is excellent against dust, rain, sunlight, dirt, and other external elements. Even after multiple uses, there is no compromise in its functionality. The fit is perfect for grills from Brinkmann, Nexgrill, Weber, Char-Broil, and more.

The included polyester fabric is fade-resistant and so durable. It is equipped with vinyl backing. Even during the intense summer heat or extremely cold environment, the finish of the cover stays intact. To offer stability, the manufacturer includes fastening straps. Furthermore, the air circulation is enough due to the mesh vents inside. These vents let moisture escape and control condensation inside.


  • Enough air circulation inside
  • Handles provide a proper fit
  • Always stay in place

Why We Liked It?

We like the perfect fit and protection in all seasons.

6. SARCCH Grill Cover-58 inch BBQ Grill Covers:

6. SARCCH Grill Cover-58 inch BBQ Grill Cover

Day and night, this SRCCH grill cover guarantees supreme protection to your grill. It offers enough protection from elements like wind, UV rays, rain, dust, snow, etc. After the repeated use, there is no declination in the functionality. Also, it is easy to keep clean to retain the original look. Being wind-resistant, there are no frets on the cover getting blown away. Even when a powerful storm strikes in, the cover stays in place. At the bottom, an adjustable rope is available. It is so much useful to vary the tightness according to the model of the grill.

It is easy to maneuver since the cover has a foldable design. When you want to use it at different places, just pack it in a carry bag. The setup is easy at any place. Typically, the cover fits nearly all grills possessing 2 to 3 burners.


  • Protection against harsh environment
  • Perfect fit for different grills
  • The tightness is adjustable

Why We Liked It?

It is not too tight, not too loose –a perfect fit.

5. VIBOOS 58 inch BBQ Gas Grill Covers:

5. VIBOOS 58 inch BBQ Gas Grill Cover

When deciding to enjoy camping, one of the common concerns is the taste of food. Fortunately, this VIBOOS cover makes sure there is no bad effect on the taste of the recipes. This is since it possesses UV coating to avoid damage from excessive sunlight exposure. So, the grill cooking process stays unaffected. The cover can resist fading, UV, wind, and various other weather elements. The fit is perfect for grills from popular brands.

There is the use of quality oxford cloth to guarantee all-round protection. This cloth resists dust, UV rays, and other damages. A hem rope at the bottom offers the scope of adjustment. It lets you vary the fit as per the requirement.


  • Foldable and easy to carry
  • Made up of dense, durable material
  • Comes with UV coating

Why We Liked It?

In any adverse weather condition, it offers supreme protection to the grill.

4. Unicook 55-inch Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Covers:

4. Unicook 55-inch Heavy Duty BBQ Cover

Along with the protective features, the build quality of a grill cover is very important. Unicook prepares this one using heavy-duty polyester fabric. Along with that, it comes with vinyl backing which makes it waterproof. On the exterior, a water-repellent coating is available. In all weather conditions, the grill will stay clean and dry. The mentioned fabric resists fading and harmful UV rays. You can use the same cover to fit grills from brands like Brinkmann, Weber, and more.

To let the user fit it perfectly, the handles are included. They let you adjust size as per the size and shape of the grill. For breathability inside, mesh vents are available.


  • Good for all weather
  • Straps keep the cover in place
  • Enough air circulation inside

Why We Liked It?

The protection and durability are great for the price.

3. Simple Houseware 58-inch Waterproof Gas BBQ Grill Covers:

3. Simple Houseware 58-inch Waterproof Gas BBQ Grill Cover

The overall dimensions of this BBQ grill cover are such that they can fit grills from various brands. The 600D polyester fabric is purposely used in manufacturing. This is why the cover stays durable even after frequent usages. The entire structure is UV-resistant, waterproof, dust-proof, and wind-resistant. Hence, it offers reliable protection in all seasons. The roomy structure allows proper air circulation. So, there is no bad effect on the taste of the food.


  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Fits various grill sizes
  • Made up of durable fabric

Why We Liked It?

The handles and straps help to get the perfect fit.

2. ZOBER All-Weather BBQ Grill Cover:

2. ZOBER All-Weather BBQ Grill Cover

The idea behind the design of this ZOBER cover is to protect the grill regardless of the weather. It is fully waterproof and durable enough to resist the rigors of external weather. Being waterproof, the rain will slide off and will not penetrate inside. Furthermore, the air vents are available to allow air circulation. The construction highlights the use of 600D oxford polyester and dense stitching. Using the soft handle, it is easy to install and remove.


  • Easy to mount and remove
  • Keeps the grill safe and clean
  • Protection against all external elements

Why We Liked It?

We admire its ability to withstand the damage of any outdoor elements.

1. VicTsing 58-Inch Waterproof BBQ Grill Covers:

1. VicTsing 58-Inch Waterproof BBQ Cover

There are multiple protective features implemented in this BBQ cover. It is resistant to dust, UV rays, water, rip, and many more. The inclusion of quality polyester fabric suggests durability and excellent protection. The outdoor elements like wind, sun rays, and rain will not fade the original look of the cover. To protect against water damage, it has bound seams and dense stitching. With the help of soft handles and straps, the cover remains in place.


  • Stays in place
  • Can work well in all seasons
  • Easy to clean and reuse

Why We Liked It?

The resistance force is very powerful in any weather conditions.

Concluding Note:

The grill covers are very helpful to keep the grill in pristine condition. Choosing the proper size of the cover is the best and easiest way to guard a grill.

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