Top 6 Best Key Lock Boxes Review Reviews Of 2022

If you are still storing your keys under doormat or flowerpot, consider buying key lock boxes as your great accessory. These key lock boxes ensure you do not jeopardize the safety of your home by hiding your keys in these fun places. These key lock boxes feature ample and secure storage for you to store your house and car keys. The lock boxes are fitted with digital combinations with access code, letting you easily customize and reset for added security.

The protective cover prevents the dials from dirt, grime, and weather elements like snow and rain. The sturdy and rust-resistance metal construction allows for prolonged use and durability. You can easily install these key lock boxes with mounting hardware for easy access and storage. It is thus ideal for homeowners, real estate agents, property managers, cleaning and maintenance personnel, family, and caregivers. Below are the best grass shears to choose from in 2022.

Bestseller Key Lock Boxes On Site:

Bestseller No. 1
August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, Remote Access, Alexa Integration for Your August Smart Lock, white
Control your door from anywhere.Connectivity Protocol:wi-fi,bluetooth; Connect your August Smart Lock to Wi-Fi. Requires North American outlet with 110-240 volt.
SaleBestseller No. 2
August Smart Lock, 2nd Generation, HomeKit enabled (Silver)
Works with Alexa for voice control (hub required, Alexa device and hub sold separately).
$305.00 $230.00
Bestseller No. 3
Master Lock Bike Lock Cable, Combination Bicycle Lock, Cable Lock for Outdoor Equipment, 8143D
Bike lock cable is 4 ft. (1.2 m) long and 5/16 in. (8 mm) wide in diameter; Includes one combination bike lock cable
Bestseller No. 4
Child Safety Strap Locks (4 Pack) for Fridge, Cabinets, Drawers, Dishwasher, Toilet, 3M Adhesive No Drilling - Jool Baby
Attaches with a strong 3M adhesive to secure your home.; Straps adjust from 3" to 7". They will fit almost any size appliance and furniture.
Bestseller No. 5
Combination Lock, 4 Digit Combination Padlock for School Gym Sports Locker, Fence, Toolbox, Case, Hasp Cabinet Storage (2 Pack, Black)
Resettable: The 4 digit combination is easy to reset as needed and well remembered.

List of 6 Best Key Lock Boxes Review in 2022:

#6. Wall Mount Key Lock Boxes

#6. Wall Mount Key Lock Box

Tekmun key lockbox features a double-walled construction and flushes mount impact-resistant access cover. This durable construction is impervious to hammering, sawing, or prying. You can thus confidently place your keys to the kingdom in your key safe. The large and secure storage can hold up to 5-house keys or car keys. This prevents lockout and provides access to your property be health aids, service technicians, and pet sitters. It can thus be convenient when you are at work or on vacation. The key lockbox is further a perfect solution for storing keys to AirBnB rentals.

This 4-digit combination dial key lockbox comes with an instruction guide to let you customize your own access code. The guide takes you through the steps to reset your code at any time. With the attached hinged cover, you can easily operate with just one hand. The rust-resistant steel allows for outdoor use, as it is weatherproof sliding shutter cover. This cover protects the dials from the elements for prolonged use. Installing this key lock box is easy with pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware. The mounting hardware comes with 4-screws and 4-nylon wall anchors to ensure that the key safe mounts on any solid surface.

Reasons to buy:

  • Large and secure storage
  • Double-walled construction
  • 4-digit combination dials
  • Rust-resistant steel
  • Easy to install

#5. SL-590 Punch Key Lock Boxes

#5. SL-590 Punch Key Lock Box

SL-590 key lock box provides sturdy and keyless access for friends, family, or guests needing entry when no one is around. This key lockbox comes with easily memorized codes with familiar phone style keypad. The large punch buttons on the front are easy to view and use; therefore, no more spinning dials and scrunching your eye. This allows you to see if it is on the correct digit or hash mark. However, entering the correct combination from closing ensures you are not locked out. This robust and secure key storage box comes with a built-in key that activates each button when pressed.

The keyguard provides ample and highly secure interior storage space for your valuables. This extra storage is ideal for holding car keys, fobs, credit cards, IDs, access cards, and business cards. It is thus an excellent accessory for homeowners, real estate agents, property managers, cleaning and maintenance personnel, family, and caregivers. The sturdy metal construction with an ABS plastic coated vault protects the surfaces from scratching. The door on the front keeps the keypad hidden from sight. Installing this key lockbox is easy by mounting on the wall for easy access and storage of your valuables.

Reasons to buy:

  • Sturdy keyless access
  • Ample and secure storage
  • Tough metal Infrastructure
  • Easily Memorized codes
  • Multiple uses

#4. Shurlok SL-600 4-dial Key Lock Boxes

#4. Shurlok SL-600 4-dial Key Lock Box

FJM SL-600 key lock box features a patent dual combination design open the shackle and key door conveniently. This provides two layers of security to your property and valuables. With up to 10,000 possible combinations, you can store your keys and change your code with ease. The zero locking system allows you to open your Shurlok in the dark. The front opening door slides open and shuts easily, allowing you to access your keys with ease.

The large compartment storage allows you to store more than one key. This key lockbox features durable all-metal construction with a hardened steel shackle. This solid metal body has a plastic cap and rubber backside with a rust-resistant coating. This coating protects the surface of the Shurlok from scratches. This makes the Shurlok and your keys very difficult for a cut or broken into, thus secure and durable.

Reasons to buy:

  • Patented dual design
  • Durable metal construction
  • Zero locking system
  • Quick and easy access
  • 10,000 possible combinations

#3. Combination Lockbox Key Lock Box

#3. Combination Lockbox Key Lock Box

Buteny key lock box comes with a large internal space to provide ample storage for multiple keys, up to 6-keys. This key lockbox makes the process of exchanging safe and easy. Whether you are hosting Airbnb guests or need builders, babysitters, cat sitters, or teenagers to access your home without hassle. The lockbox comes with a 4-digit combination lock pattern for usability, security, and easy installation.

The flexible shutter shields the dials from weather elements like rain and snow, thus ideal for indoor and outdoor use. This key lockbox is made of high-quality zinc alloy to protect it from hammering, sawing, or prying. The key lockbox allows for a two-way installation with a removable shackle. You could hang it on doorknobs, car, or fix to a wall. You can further install it on drywall, steel doors, fence, posts, and more.

Reasons to buy:

  • Large capacity
  • Two-way installation
  • Waterproof design
  • Attack resistant material
  • Safe and secure access

#2. Accesspoint 001413 Keysafe Key Lock Boxes

#2. Accesspoint 001413 Keysafe Key Lock Box

Kidde key lock box attaches securely to any wall or flat surface, allowing for easy installation with included mounting hardware. This allows for keyless entry, especially for kids who lose their keys. It is thus ideal for indoor and outdoor use for house entries, key losers, service workers, renters, and kids. The compact design with a combination lock allows for secure access of up to two keys to prevent lockouts. This box design has a solid track record for unmatched quality and security.

The key lock box comes in assorted colors to match or blend in your mounting surface or décor. The key lock further features an easy-to-use push-button combination lock with over 1,000 combinations available. These combos can be personalized to choose from and change anytime for added security. The interlocking faceplate deters tampering and authorized access, thus safe and secure. The weather-resistance metal construction of the lockbox allows for rust-free use and durability.

Reasons to buy:

  • Wall- mount storage
  • Easy Keyless access
  • Push-button combination
  • Easy set-up
  • 1,000 personalized combos

#1. 5400D Combination Key Lock Boxes

#1. 5400D Combination Key Lock Box

Master lock 5400D key lockbox has a large capacity and a removable shackle to secure up to 5-keys. The removable shackle easily installs on the door or wall mount and fits most ball, biscuits, and tulip doorknob styles. This key lock allows you to set your own 4-digit combination with thousands of personalized combination code options. You can easily change the combos anytime for added security.

This keyless combination makes the key lock ideal for house keys and access cards. The protective weather cover allows for outdoor use while preventing dials from jamming and freezing. The shutter door further protects dirt, grime, and the molded body and vinyl coated shackle prevent scratching. The portable design allows for use with convenience anywhere, whether indoor or outdoor.

Reasons to buy:

  • 4-digit combination
  • Safe and durable
  • Large and secure storage
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Weatherproof.

Key Features to Consider Facial Moisturizers:


Picking an ideal key lock box depends on the number of keys you want to store, be it your house or car keys. Key lock boxes with large capacity provide ample storage for your keys and other valuables like access cards and IDs.


Key lock boxes are only a great accessory if they have an ergonomic design. Consider key lock boxes with compact and portable design or easy installation and storage. Consider also patent dual combination design for shackle and door opening convenience.

Locking system

It is very vital to look into the locking system of your lock box. Therefore, consider lock boxes with zero locking system that allows you to open your shackle in the dark. Consider also lockboxes with dual combination to open both the shackle and the door conveniently. The combination dial should further be customizable for added security. You can, therefore, set and reset anytime for easy access, thus preventing lockout.

Quality of materials

The build construction of your key lock box provides durability and prolonged use. Consider buying lockboxes with steel frame construction and a plastic coating that is rust-resistance and weatherproof.


Prospect buyers may look into several other issues apart from the ones mentioned above. These may include; ease of use, installation method, portability, weight, price as well as durability.


You should not worry anymore about where to hide your keys. Additionally, you should not worry about lockouts as key lock boxes got you covered. These key lockboxes can be mounted easily on a wall or flat surface for easy and secure key storage. The personalized combination dials in these key locks prevent lockouts. Therefore, consider using the best key lockboxes in 2022 reviews as your guide.

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