Top 15 Best LED Downlights Reviews 2022

Ever since LED lights have been innovated, it serves many great functions including brightening up any space to making a great and lively decoration by simply using it. Among all types of LED lights, LED downlight is one of the most popular types that a lot of people use for their house, office, shop, factory, garage and more. The popularity of this LED downlights makes the supply of it reach a vast amount from many suppliers. While having more suppliers and products offers a diverse choice to compare, it also poses a challenge since you might not know which brands are the most trustworthy ones.

Having this concern from a lot of our readers, today we are going to introduce the top 15 best and the most reliable LED downlights that you can check out if you are looking for one. Keep reading to find out about details and honest review of these products.

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Forged bronze finish; Tea-stained glass; Size: 28-5/8-Inch width, 29-7/8-Inch height; Uses (6) 100-Watt medium base bulbs
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List of 15 Best LED Downlights Review in 2022:

15. TORCHSTAR LED Downlights – 6 packs

15. TORCHSTAR – 6 packs

For the first product in the list, we have this high quality 3-in-1 LED downlight from TORCHSTAR. The famous 3-in-1 design of this product allows it to be applicable to substitute other lighting including light bulbs, recessed lighting trims and can house lighting. Not only TORCHSTAR lighting is more effortless when it comes to installation, but also it saves a lot of cost on labor since you can easily do it by yourself. It’s super durable since it has IC rated that allows it to be possible to use with combustible materials. It is quite bright, but it doesn’t consume a lot of energy; which makes it ideal for every use whether it is personal or commercial use.

This LED downlight from TORCHSTAR also comes with up to a 5-year warranty upon your purchase, so you wouldn’t have to worry about getting this energy star certified LED downlights.

14. LED Downlight ZDPCYT 3W COB 110V Dimmable Ceiling Lights 

14. LED Downlight ZDPCYT 3W COB 110V Dimmable Ceiling Lights 

Another product in the list is from ZDPCYT. What’s great about this LED downlight is that it is best at saving energy consumption up to 85% by simply replacing your existing recessed lighting with this product from ZDPCTY. This downlight has the brightness adjustability from 10% to 100%, so you can choose how warm or bright your atmosphere is. Moreover, its compact size allows this LED downlight to be ideal to use at any place no matter if it’s in a living room, bedroom or to use it to décor your cabinet.

ZDPCYT also has a high quality assurance showing by offering a 2-year warranty on its product quality. If there is a problem in two years after your purchase, you can have your product replacing any time.

13. JULLISON 8 Packs 6 Inch LED Low Profile Recesse

13. JULLISON 8 Packs 6 Inch LED Low Profile Recesse

Moving on, we have this product from a brand called JULLISON. Coming in a pack of 8, it’s enough for a space to have a bright environment because this LED ceiling downlight has up to 900 lumens that allows the room to have a great light while saving your energy bill up to 80%. Moreover, similar to the previous LED downlight, this one from JULLISON also has a great dimming adjustability that you can choose to dim as low as 10% of the light, so you can determine how bright or dim your space is very easily.

With the quality certified by ETL and Energy Star, not only you don’t have to worry about this product’s quality and safety when using it, but this product also has a super long service life; measuring up to 50,000 hours after installing. Last but not least, its junction box is also fire rated, so you can completely trust this product to be used in your space.

12. Sunco Lighting 6 Pack 4 Inch Slim LED 

12. Sunco Lighting 6 Pack 4 Inch Slim LED 

When talking about the top quality LED downlight, it is a mistake if we don’t mention any product from Sunco Lighting. With decades of experience in supplying LED lighting, downlight from Sunco Lighting is known for its IC rated junction box that allows it to endure thermal problems that further prevent overheat that can cause fire issues in your space.

One thing you don’t have to worry about Sunco is that the light that emits from this product does not have mercury, UV or IR, so it won’t affect your eyes or skin. Another amazing offer from this is you will also get up to a 7-year warranty to make sure you are free from any headache and worry when purchasing this LED downlight.

11. Sunco Lighting 24 Pack 5 Inch / 6 Inch Flush Mount Disk LED Downlight

11. Sunco Lighting 24 Pack 5 Inch 6 Inch Flush Mount Disk LED Downlight

On the top 11th, we have another product from Sunco Lighting again. After reading about the top 10th product that is from this brand, we’re sure you’re clear on how leading is this product in terms of quality and trust on the market. What makes this one different to the previous one from the same brand is this comes in a pack that has up to 24 packs while the previous one has only 6. It is ideal for those who have a wider space so just purchasing a pack of this will brighten up your space perfectly.

Similarly, this LED downlight has 5000K daylight color although you can dim its brightness down to 10%; all can be done depending on your preference. For energy consumption, this Sunco lighting can save your bill up to 85% which makes it super economical to use. Obviously, when purchasing this product, you are also entitled to get a 7-years product quality warranty, so you are completely worry-free after buying.

10. Hykolity 12 Pack 5/6 Inch LED Recessed Downlight, Baffle Trim

10. Hykolity 12 Pack 5 6 Inch LED Recessed Downlight, Baffle Trim

Next, we have this product from Hykolity. This product is another top LED downlight that can function up to 50,000 hours which makes it one of a kind compared to different brands on the market. No matter how bright or dimmed you want your space to be, you can always be happy that you can do it with Hykolity because its LED downlight can be dimmed from 5%-100%. Moreover, the light that it emits won’t have noise or flickering so it won’t affect your eyes using it. It is perfect for those who are looking for LED downlight that won’t consume a lot of energy and can be used for anywhere.

Hykolity also provides a 5-year warranty along with its product to make sure all customers are serviced with ultimate support after purchasing.

9. TORCHSTAR 8-Pack 6 Inch 12W Dimmable Slim LED Downlight with J-Box

9. TORCHSTAR 8-Pack 6 Inch 12W Dimmable Slim LED Downlight with J-Box

Moving onto the top 9th, we have another product from TORCHSTAR again. With the ability to save up to 88% of energy consumption, TORCHSTAR instead can produce up to 850 lumens, allowing it to brighten your space however you want to. Also, it’s designed with a slim body that won’t consume much of your ceiling space, so your ceiling remains with a clean look. Similar to other top LED downlight brands, this one from TORCHSTAR is also certified with ETL and Energy Star to ensure that it’s completely safe to use.

As far as installing this LED downlight is concerned, it is very easy to install that you can simply do it on your own. There will be a detailed manual of each and single step on how you can get this done, so you don’t have to spend extra money on professional labor.

8. TORCHSTAR Basic Series 6 Inch Slim Recessed Lighting 

8. TORCHSTAR Basic Series 6 Inch Slim Recessed Lighting 

Coming in a set of 6 packs, we have another high quality LED downlight from TORCHSTAR again. Until this point, there’s also no need to mention how great products from this brand are because including this one, TORCHSTAR has 3 of its LED downlights models on our list already. What makes this brand one of the famous LED downlight options among users is because it is also focused on a slim junction box that anyone can install very easily without the need to do housing.

Unlike a can lighting that can’t fit in a narrow ceiling, this LED downlight from TORCHSTAR only requires 2” clearance of your ceiling space for it to be up there. On top of this, it comes in a pack of 6 that has every feature that other top LED downlight has from smooth dimming that can be adjusted from 5% to 100% to ETL qualified standard.

7. Parmida LED Technologies

7. Parmida LED Technologies

Moving onto the top 7th, this is the fully-certified LED downlight from another leading from called Parmida LED Technologies. Coming in a set of 12 per package, what is so special about this LED downlight is that it can be rotated to different motion including 30° tilt and 359° rotation, so you can illuminate the light to wherever you prepare.

Moreover, it is very easy and economical since you don’t have to buy several to use in your space; a pack of 12 is reasonably sufficient for any space. Installation of these LED downlights is also easy since you don’t need any other tools to install it besides those that are offered in the package. Parmida always stands behind its product by providing a 5-years warranty so you will always have ease of mind.

6. Parminda LED Technologies – LED Downlights

6. Parminda LED Technologies

Coming from a similar brand as the previous one, this LED downlight is from Parmida LED Technologies again. Your immediate thought about how great this product is should be about how it can help you save up to 86% of energy consumption you normally spend on typical lighting. With this one in particular, you can enjoy up to 50,000 hours of lifespans along with a 5-years warranty upon your purchase, so there’s not a single thing you have to worry about.

Besides, it is designed with a duffle trim concept that allows you to shape the light downward. With this one, you won’t have to worry if it has flickering or humming. Instead it would emit a natural-like light that won’t affect your eyes no matter how long you sit under it.

5. Sunco Lighting 10 Pack 4 Inch LED Recessed 

5. Sunco Lighting 10 Pack 4 Inch LED Recessed 

Here at the top 5th, we have another product from Sunco Lighting again. For this particular product, it comes in a set of 10 packs. Having true color rendering up to CRI90, this LED downlight can be used for any décor to fit any mood. Moreover, it also has the dimming capability counting from 10% to 100% too. Because there are 10 of this LED downlight coming a package, it is ideal to use in any small to medium size space including in the living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

You can also divide some of it to use in different spaces if your space is small. This Sunco Lighting LED downlight set will come with easy and detailed instructions so you can use it to install without any tools.

4. Sunco Lighting 12 Pack 6 Inch Slim LED Downlights

4. Sunco Lighting 12 Pack 6 Inch Slim LED Downlight

Moving on, we have the top 4th best LED downlight from Sunco Lighting again. Yes, you read right, it is another product from Sunco Lighting. Up until this point, you must have decided to purchase a product from Sunco Lighting for a few times now since you are now fully aware of how high quality the LED downlight is from this world’s leading brand.

Aside from the fact that this Sunco lighting has up to 12 packs in a set, it has the same great features as other products including IC rated junction box, seamless dimming capabilities, high standard certified and more. On top of that, you will also get to enjoy Sunco famous 7-year warranty benefits, so you are definitely away from all the headaches after purchasing this.

3. SGL 6 Inch Dimmable LED Downlights

3. SGL 6 Inch Dimmable LED Downlight

On the top 3rd, it is the product from SHINE HAI. With a package of 4, SHINE HAI has been widely used in a lot of modern houses because it has a leading dimming capability from 1% to 100%, allowing anyone to set brightness and mood in their room however they want. Moreover, with up to 36,000 service lifespan, you don’t have to worry if you would need to buy for any downlight in years – depending on how long you turn it on everyday.

SHINE HAI LED downlight has 4000K Daylight White and 1050 lumen, which make it bright enough oy use anywhere, yet it won’t affect your eyes no matter how long you stay under it. In its package, there will be all installation kits; hence, you won’t need to buy anything else to install it.

2. Sunco Lighting 12 Pack 5/6 Inch LED Downlights

2. Sunco Lighting 12 Pack 5 6 Inch LED 

We have the last product from Sunco Lighting. Having every top feature that other Sunco Lighting in the list have, this top 2nd comes in a set of 12, so it’s ideal for any room with large or medium size space. Still you can use it for several bedrooms if its size is reasonably small. Using flicker free technology, not only this LED downlight won’t affect your eyes, but can actually help more with your sight since it functions just like natural light. Moreover, this LED downlight from Sunco is designed for simplicity yet functionality since it’s very easy to install and its service life can last an unbelievable period.

Sunco also makes sure that its product is the top in the market by having it passed ETL and Energy Star certified for its safety when using. Don’t forget the 7-year warranty that you would get upon purchase that makes it completely risk free to own ones.

1. PARMIDA 12-Pack 5/6 inch Dimmable LED Downlights

1. PARMIDA 12-Pack 5 6 inch Dimmable LED

Finally the last product in the list is from Parmida LED technologies again. The top points for your review including its leading lifespan that this product would last up to 50,000 hours of use. Such confidence also comes along with a 5-year warranty to make sure you are worry-free after purchasing. There are a total of 12 packs in this Parmida set and all of them are engineered with high quality aluminum junction box and slim body, so it won’t confirm much of the ceiling and it can protect the LED from overheating. Moreover, there are several color temperatures you can choose from.

It is the one product in the market that offers 0%-100% dimming adjustability, so your room always has a perfect atmosphere. Besides, this number 1 best ceiling is priced very reasonably that anyone can get without having to spend a lot; hence, it is ideal for everyone no matter if you purchase it for commercial or residential use.

Buying guide Of LED Downlights:

When buying the LED downlight, there are a few things you have to look for. Those would include its color rendering, amount of lumen as well as size of the product. Having these understanding will allow you to choose the right product in terms of how bright or what type of color you are looking for. Still, it is not a strict compulsory to understand every single thing about these as long as you can use those LED downlights that you can play along in terms of dimming adjustment.

Besides, the amount of LED downlight offered in a set also matters. We suggest that you identify the size of your space to reflect how many packs you need to install. Since each product will come with different pieces, you have to make sure you check its quantity before purchasing so that you have just the right amount you would need.


To be confident that you’ll buy the right product, you don’t need to roam around looking for something. These top 15 best LED downlights should be one of your options.

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