Top 10 Best Maidenform Shapewears Reviews Of 2022

You can feel good about your physique or even show it off by getting the Best Maidenform shapewears. It’s no secret that women are very cautious about how they look. A good number would like to bring out the best. Unfortunately, most clothing/ garments don’t do justice. This means they may conceal the shape or make it look odd. Thankfully, to address these problems, shapewears were invented. They hug the body tightly to revels the shape. When searching for the best Maidenform shapewears, it’s important to follow the right information.

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List of 10 Best Maidenform Shapewears Review in 2022:

#10. Maidenform Women’s Boyshorts Tame Your Tummy 

#10. Maidenform Women's Boyshorts Tame Your Tummy 

By: Maidenform Maidenform Shapewears

As a woman, you’ll love these Boyshorts. They allow you to bring out your shape and this makes you feel better about yourself. It’s a very lightweight piece and also flexible. Therefore, wearing and removal is easy. It comprises polyester, spandex, and cotton and has an ultra-smooth and comfortable texture. This prevents scratching or leaving marks on the skin. And to minimize sweating, stuffiness, and also odor, the shapewears have good breathability. It’s of high quality, and the sturdy nature is less prone to stretching, shrinking, wear, and tear.

Reasons to buy:

  • High-quality fabric and durable
  • Easy to wear
  • Simple to wash
  • Smooth no-pinch waistband

#9. Maidenform Flexees Shapewear Body Briefer 

#9. Maidenform Flexees Shapewear Body Briefer 

By: FLEXEES Maidenform Shapewears

This is a popular pick, targets both young, and mature women. We love the color, which works well with different garments. It’s a lightweight piece and simple to wear and also take off. What’s more, the surface/ textile are super smooth and won’t scratch, irritate, or leave any marks on the skin.

It comprises 70% Nylon and 30% Elastane and has a power mesh liner that provides good support and control. To support the body, it features a superior hook & eye closure. The lingerie-style shapewear is very elegant and also easy to wash and manage.

Reasons to buy:

  • Comfortable Luxurious fabric
  • No digging and no pinching
  • Smooth Finnish and no scratching
  • Good breathability and non-sweaty

#8. Maidenform Hi-Waist Firm Foundations Thigh Slimmer

#8. Maidenform Hi-Waist Firm Foundations Thigh Slimmer

By: Maidenform Shapewears

This is one of the best Maidenform shapewears in the current market. It offers 360-degree shaping to allow your physique to standout. Also, it comes with elastic-free openings on the legs and won’t bulge under the garments.

The accessory features a comfortable and plush waistband for good supports. And thanks to the lightweight and smooth texture, wearing it for long periods is not a problem. The silicone back elastic does well in keeping it firm whereas the good cooling technology prevents sweating, odor, as well as sweating. The black color blends quite well with different garments.

Reasons to buy:

  • Anti-static and cling-free
  • Cool and comfortable
  • No-pinch and maintains shape for a long time
  • Superior power-mesh lining

#7. Maidenform Women’s Tummy Shaping 

#7. Maidenform Women's Tummy Shaping 

By: Maidenform Shapewear

Shaping your tummy is easier with this lace tummy shaper. It’s suitable for different body types and suits wearers of different sizes as well as ages. We appreciate its simplicity and flexibility, which makes adorning it easy.

Also, it’s simple to remove and doesn’t leave marks on the skin. The transparent color goes well with different garments while the ultra-smooth finish feels comfortable to the skin. It’s lightweight and has good cooling. Therefore, wearing it for long periods isn’t an issue. This shapewear is easy to wash, dries fast, and retains its integrity and color for a long period.

Reasons to buy:

  • Easy wearing and removal
  • Suits different body shapes
  • Appropriate for different ages
  • Lightweight and comfortable

#6. Maidenform Flexees Hi-Waist Brief Women’s Shapewear

#6. Maidenform Flexees Hi-Waist Brief Women's Shapewear  


Next up in the best Maidenform shapewears review is this option. It’s common and works well with most wearers. It’s very basic hence easy to use. The high-quality piece consists of a range of materials, which include Nylon, Elastane, and Cotton. They all work together to ensure the physique stands out.

At the same time, they uphold comfort to prevent irritation, scratching, and other side effects. It’s very effective in smoothening the waist and tummy. This ensures the hourglass figure pops out. Furthermore, the Hi-waist fit together with the silicon elastic waistband improve on this.

Reasons to buy:

  • Soft, and luxurious
  • Good cooling and breathability
  • Good design and coverage
  • Compact and lightweight

#5. Maidenform Flexees Shapewears Romper 

#5. Maidenform Flexees Shapewear Romper 


As a woman, you’ll like to flaunt your figure. Thankfully, this shapewear makes that very possible. It’s easy to wear and take off and also lightweight. Additionally, it’s versatile to suit different wearers and has a smooth interior lining.

The item comprises 80% nylon and 20% elastane and is ultra-smooth. The non-binding legs enhance its flexibility s well as comfort. For good support, it relies on a superior hook and eye closure. The comfortable texture prevents scratching, irritation, and discomfort tool. Also, it has good breathability to minimize stuffiness, odor, and also sweating.

Reasons to buy:

  • Firm shaping and luxurious
  • No digging and no rolling
  • Good cooling technology
  • Flexible and comfortable

#4. Maidenform Flexees Shapewears Wear Own Bra Torsette 

#4. Maidenform Flexees Shapewear Wear Own Bra Torsette 

By: FLEXEES Maidenform Shapewears

This is a top choice shapewear and targets women of different ages as well as sizes. It’s simple and has a nice beige color to complement different garments. It’s lightweight for easy wearing and removal. The surface is very smooth and won’t irritate, or leave any type of marks on the skin.

It’s made of nylon and elastane and offers good support. Besides, the good hook & eye closure keep it firmly on the body. It makes the figure stand out while still making certain you are as comfortable as can be. It’s simple to wash and also care for.

Reasons to buy:

  • Perfect for different garments
  • Lightweight and smooth finish
  • Good design and color
  • Suits women of different ages and sizes

#3. Maidenform Tame Your Tummy Women’s Brief

#3. Maidenform Tame Your Tummy Women's Brief

By: Maidenform Shapewear

This is also a top Maidenform shapewear. It’s of high quality and offers 360-degree support. Likewise, it has a smile style for easy wearing and is super comfortable and lightweight. The body comprises of Polyester, Spandex, and Cotton and comes with a Pull-on closure.

The elastic-free leg openings improve the comfort while the thin profile makes it less visible under clothing. It comes with a luxurious waist and wearing for long sessions isn’t troublesome. To prevent digging and rolling, it features a smooth no-pinch waistband while the All-over cooling technology ensures you are cool and comfortable.

Reasons to buy:

  • High quality and reliable
  • Offers 360-degree support
  • Simple style and easy wearing
  • Super comfortable and lightweight

#2. Maidenform Flexees Shapewears Minimizing  

#2. Maidenform Flexees Shapewear Minimizing 

By: FLEXEES Maidenform Shapewears

Concealing your tummy is easy with the best Maidenform shapewear. This choice from Flexees is appropriate for different users as well as body types. It works well for young and older souses and is also simple and versatile. Likewise, it’s easy to take off and won’t abrade or leave marks on the skin.

We like the black color, which suits various garments and individuals preferences. Besides, the ultra-smooth finish enhances the comfortable while the excellent cooling makes wearing it for long sessions less of an issue. It’s simple to clean and also maintain and also lasts for a long time.

Reasons to buy:

  • Elastic-free leg openings
  • Comfortable and thin profile
  • Not visible under clothing
  • A smooth no-pinch waistband

#1. Maidenform Shapewears Women’s SmoothTec Camisole

#1. Maidenform Women's SmoothTec Shaping Camisole

By: Maidenform Shapewears

Finally, in the best Maidenform shapewears review is this nice-looking option. It functions well with a lot of users and is very easy to use. We love the premium quality as well as the super comfortable design. It comprises Nylon and spandex and has decent all-over cooling to handle the heat. This also minimizes odor and wasting. It has good support and won’t irritate or scratch the skin. We like how it makes the figure pop out as well as the all-round smoothing.

Reasons to buy:

  • A luxurious and comfortable waist
  • Wearing for long sessions isn’t troublesome
  • No digging and rolling
  • Keeps you cool and comfortable.

Key Feature to Consider The Best Maidenform Shapewear:


You want an item, which improves comfort. It shouldn’t feel too tight or too loose. Also, it should not have a rough, sticky surface, or cause you to sweat or feel stuffy.


The right accessory is very flexible. It will have good stretchability for easy putting on and also taking off. Also, it will suit women of different shapes and sizes.


When searching for the best Maidenform shapewears, it’s important that you focus on the color. The kind of garment or outfit you plan to wear greatly influences the decision. The item shouldn’t be too bright such that it’s noticeable when adorning light garments.


The last thing a prospective shopper wants is dealing with side effects such as reddening, rashes, irritability, or any other. This is why you need to pick items stat have good safety ratings and comprise of safe fabrics. Cotton, polyester, spandex, are some common materials of choice.


Consumers also look at the design, size, weight, easy cleaning, texture, brand name, and price too.


If you want your figure to pop, then what you need are the best Maidenform shapewears. The brand is known for its high quality and reliable products. It’s been on the scene for decades and continues to release newer and better products. And with so many options, finding a particular item can be a little challenging. Thankfully, we have identified the topmost options. And to become a proud owner, simply read this review about the best Maidenform shapewears then make your pick.

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