Top 10 Best Underwater Metal Detectors in 2022 Reviews

For ages, metals are one of the most treasured elements. In a vast range of applications, you will observe the use of metal. However, a huge proportion of metal is hidden inside the water, under the soil, and in some unknown places. With the help of underwater metal detectors, it is easy to locate it precisely. Being waterproof up to the depth of 10 feet, they can help you excavate a huge proportion of metal from different water bodies.

There is no adverse effect of moisture, water, rain, and other weather elements on these detectors. They can precisely locate metal through water, sand, soil, and various textured ground surfaces. To end up with a perfect choice, you must know the nature of the soil and the characteristics of metal you wish to find. An efficient one comes with high detector sensitivity. Now let’s read the article below to decide which underwater metal detectors to choose:

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Feature to key consider for best underwater metal detectors:

Avoid confusion with the below features for getting the underwater metal detectors:


How easily you can accomplish the task of finding out metal depends on the detector sensitivity. It gives an idea of the ability to detect metal at a particular level without impeding soil mineralization. Yet another crucial factor, the sensitivity of the metal detector is another important factor to consider. The sensitivity of a metal detector gives you an idea of the balance between the detector’s ability to detect an item at which level without interfering with the ground soil.

It is recommended to choose the one with a higher sensitivity to get precise results. The one that fulfills this need provides a deep detection capacity. Many underwater metal detectors are equipped with advanced technology and efficient coil that offers a high level of sensitivity.

Coil size:

The basic function of a coil is to work as a magnetic transmitter as well as a receiver. The most important aspect to consider is its size. It is recommended to select a larger coil size. It is because such coils can work at high frequency. So, in most cases, they help the detector to efficiently and precisely find out the metal. Also, the conditions of ground and soil are vital to consider.


Fundamentally, there are 2 types of underwater metal detectors. They are pulse induction (PI) metal detectors and very low frequency (VLF) metal detectors. The first one functions in the water by delivering electronic pulses that are not influenced by wet minerals and water. They are a superb choice for use on beaches. Moreover, they help to fulfill deep treasure hunting.

The VLF metal detectors can work through wet surfaces and water. However, their circuits are more influenced by mineralized ground. There is a facility to vary the sensitivity settings during the search.

List of 10 Best Underwater Metal Detectors Review in 2022:

10. Wedigout Underwater Fully Waterproof Metal Detector:

10. Wedigout Underwater Fully Waterproof Metal Detector

Right from finding keys to expensive jewelry, this metal detector is a wonderful choice. Its applicability for tons of applications justifies its price. You can use it for finding metals, coins, keys, jewelry, pins, relics, and more. People commonly use it at beaches, mountains, inside water bodies, etc. The people associated with archaeology, police, public security check, etc. will greatly benefit from this device. Its structure is waterproof up to 100 feet. A LED indicator is included to accurately pinpoint the object. Also, this indicator offers enough visibility in dark.

Wedigout has implemented h Pulse Induction technology (PI). This technique allows hunting in water bodies, different types of soil, and land as well. Two other main features are high detection depth stability and high sensitivity. There is the facility of automatic tuning to cut down delays. The entire operation is controlled by a microprocessor that does not need adjustments. The reasons behind the durability are the rugged sealed assembly and stainless steel hardware. When the battery gets low, the corresponding sensor activates.


  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Useful for tons of applications
  • Supports auto on/off feature

Why We Liked It?

We like the high accuracy and durability.

9. 2020 HS-07 PRO LCD Display Metal Detector:

9. 2020 HS-07 PRO LCD Display Metal Detector

The HS-07 metal detector shown above has now become one of the famous metal detecting devices. It is extensively useful for finding out small objects from water, land, and soil. But, the interior is equipped with a smart chip search coil and efficient Pulse Induction (PI) technology. Both of them allow the metal detector to employ high accuracy. Also, they allow excellent sensitivity and large penetration depth. For great visibility, it is made in fluorescent green color.

The aspect that makes this device famous is it can achieve precise monitoring that other detectors cannot do. Even though its size is compact, it can work more efficiently than large metal detectors. The waterproof exterior makes it ideal for use in different water bodies and use in damp climatic conditions. So, it is easy to recover the sunken historical relics, gold jewelry, rings, and more. What’s more, the ergonomic body design offers great comfort and stability during detection.


  • Offers accurate positioning
  • Comes with high sensitivity
  • Comfortable to hold in hands

Why We Liked It?

Within less time, it can accurately pinpoint even the smallest object.

8. DR.ÖTEK IP68 Waterproof Metal Detector:

8. DR.ÖTEK IP68 Waterproof Metal Detector

Now it is quite simple to detect metal and other objects from various surfaces. This DR.ÖTEK device is specially designed to find out objects from rivers, lakes, ponds, oceans, and other surfaces. Unlike other metal detectors that can go only up to a certain water depth, this one can be submerged up to 32 feet. Hence, Underwater Metal Detectors assist you to find plenty of precious objects up to a large water depth. Another prominent feature is it supports 360° area of detection. But, this feature allows it to exactly locate the target without any delays. Generally, most people use it to find out metal objects, lost jewelry, and thumbtacks.

It comes with a button for ease of use. Even a kid can operate it easily. There is a facility for automatic shutdown after 5 minutes of inactivity. So, it results in the conservation of the battery. Furthermore, the 4 levels of LED help you to exactly find out various objects in every environment.


  • High accuracy in all environments
  • Offers 360° detection
  • Operates quietly

Why We Liked It?

We like its ability to avoid the hassles of unnecessary digging. So, it saves you time and effort.

7. SuperEye 40 Meters Underwater Metal Detector:

7. SuperEye 40 Meters Underwater Metal Detector

All metal detectors are not comfortable. This device from SuperEye feels comfortable to grab in your hands. For any rugged environment, it works reliably and safely. Especially for treasure hunting underwater and hunting of gold jewelry, the device is so much useful. Its entire structure is found waterproof up to 40 meters of depth. Moreover, the size of the search coil is 8.6 inches. The maximum run time is 20 hours, so it does not need frequent charging while outdoors.

The accuracy is excellent for places like underwater, river, lawn, beach, etc. The range for stem adjustment is 43-50 inches. Choose the most suitable adjustment and benefit from the ease of operation. Both for novice and professionals, the lightweight design assists a lot. Weighing just 4.4 pounds, it feels comfortable to carry around.


  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Comes with bright LED indicators
  • Easy to use anywhere

Why We Liked It?

The multiple operation modes simplify the operation for the user.

6. WonVon 30M Waterproof Metal Detector:

6. WonVon 30M Waterproof Metal Detector

The exceptional sealed design of this WonVon detector conveys versatility. Underwater Metal Detectors are extensively useful for finding out objects from fresh or saltwater, sand, dirt, mud, grass, etc. For applications namely police investigation, public security check, diving, archaeology, etc., anyone can use it. But, the size of the search coil is large enough for presenting high sensitivity. Whenever a metal object is detected, the device begins to vibrate. The user is warned through blue light and a vibration pulse.

Overall compact size lets you carry it easily for a wide range of applications. This type of design lets you pack in a backpack or suitcase. Use the included wrist band to attach to any belt clip. This band offers unparalleled safety.


  • Wrist band offer safety
  • Waterproof up to 100 feet
  • Can work in most environments

Why We Liked It?

We are pleased with its versatility and safe operation.

5. SHUOGOU 750 Underwater Metal Detector:

5. SHUOGOU 750 Underwater Metal Detector

The TM750 is well-known as the latest, portable pinpointer metal detector. Up to the depth of 100 feet, Underwater Metal Detectors can precisely find out objects, regardless of environment. Whether it is fresh/saltwater, sand, soil, land, etc., the device works the best. But, there is the implementation of the advanced pulse induction (PI) technology.

The sealed construction indicates the durability and versatility for all environments. For longevity, the manufacturer devises it in stainless steel construction. For extra safety, there is the inclusion of a low-battery sensor. Whenever the probe tip reaches the target, the vibration begins. So, the users get the alert instantly. Moreover, the vivid blue light lets you easily differentiate the detection signals.


  • Useful in all environments
  • Blue light offers accurate detection
  • Battery sensor offers safety

Why We Liked It?

It does not consume much battery power.

4. Wedigout Underwater Fully Waterproof Pin Pointer:

4. Wedigout Underwater Fully Waterproof Pin Pointer

The outstanding depth stability for detection and sensitivity are found in this Wedigout device. Both these features lead to high detection accuracy for different kinds of objects. With the implementation of the Pulse Induction Technology(PI), the device can hunt metal from any surface. For instance, it can search different objects from water, soil (any type), and sand.

Owing to the microprocessor-controlled design, the device needs no adjustments. The sealed assembly and steel hardware offer longevity.


  • Easy to use and install
  • No need for any adjustments
  • Offers bright light output

Why We Liked It?

We admire its ability to warn the user with LED light and vibrations.

3. TTLIFE Pulse Induction 750 Underwater PinPointer:

3. TTLIFE Pulse Induction 750 Underwater PinPointer

Now it is easy to sense the precise location of the concealed metal objects. This TTLIFE pinpointer is so much useful to locate the precise position of treasured objects. Underwater Metal Detectors enable the searching of objects from water, land, any kind of soil, etc. The users get warned instantly through LED light and vibration. The tilt on/off mechanism offers ease of use anywhere.


  • Saves battery power
  • Waterproof up to 100 feet depth
  • Easy to use and portable

Why We Liked It?

Its sealed design makes it versatile for all environments.

2. RM RICOMAX 100 feet Metal Detector:

2. RM RICOMAX 100 feet Metal Detector

The aforementioned RM RICOMAX device is submersible up to 100 feet in the water. To ensure superb visibility, it gives off bright green color light. But, the corresponding illumination leads to accurate detection in any environment. For scuba diving and snorkeling, it works flawlessly. Underwater Metal Detectors are quite easy to use; just install the battery and place the coil upward for a few seconds. Whenever any target is located, the detection signals are delivered to the user.


  • Long battery life
  • Offers high sensitivity
  • Supports bright flashlight

Why We Liked It?

The sensitivity is excellent for the detection of small targets.

1. RM RICOMAX Waterproof Metal Detector:

1. RM RICOMAX Waterproof Metal Detector

Both kids and adults can conveniently use this detecting device in all environments. It works safely up to 100 feet depth of water. This feature makes it ideal for scuba diving. But, the pulse induction targeting offers high accuracy. Equipped with excellent sensitivity, the device can precisely detect nuggets and other tiny targets. With its hassle-free operation, you can readily use it anywhere. What’s more, being fully waterproof up to 100 feet, it conveys great versatility.


  • Easy to use and carry along
  • Versatile and reliable
  • Can detect the smallest targets

Why We Liked It?

We admire its ability to detect small objects from different surfaces.

Concluding Note:

In nearly all environmental conditions, the underwater metal detectors are practical devices. Now you can effortlessly find out the treasured objects whose value is immense.

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