Top 10 Best Water Guns Reviews 2022

Cool your body during the hot summer with the best water guns. They are comfortable to hold for the little ones to soak their enemy away. What’s more, they keep them busy on those long weekends and hot days. We have compiled the top units in the market that enhance playtime at the backyard, swimming pool, and other locations. The following article has the best water guns in 2022.

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List Of 10 Best Water Guns in 2022 Reviews:

#10 Rhode Island Novelty Water Squirt Guns

#10 Rhode Island Novelty Water Squirt Guns

By: Rhode Island Novelty Water Gun

The Rhode Island Novelty’s water guns are simple to hold and use. They have a 6-inch size for your kids to achieve superior control and shooting action. Also, the pack has two pieces for two children to battle in a friendly and wet game.

Alternatively, they can use them in the swimming pool to keep away unfavorable hot temperatures. Besides, these items are suitable for kids aged three and above. They have a stylish and bright design for improved beauty.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Simple to hold
  • Measures 6 inches for secure use
  • Lovely and bright colors

#9 GotechoD Super Soaker Water Gun

#9 GotechoD Super Soaker Water Gun

By: GotechoD

Get more value and service when using this 2-pack water gun. It contains two medium-sized soakers ideal for the kids to play with on a hot day. Not only that but also the compact structure is safe to hold for both adults and youngsters. Measuring 15 inches long x 5.3 inches wide, the length and weight are ultra-comfortable. In addition, each gun holds up to 750cc or 250 ounces of water for superior control. Your children can soak each other with streams of water up to 10m or 33ft distance. Note that the maximum shots per refill are 34 to minimize constant refills.

We like the stylish and eco-friendly structure made from ABS plastic. It does not have sharp edges that might pierce and harm your skin. Besides, the guns are suitable for swimming pools, summer, backyard, beach, bath, or other outdoor events.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Affordable and durable 2-pack toys
  • Comfortable and lightweight design
  • Eco-friendly ABS plastic structure

#8 Biulotter Water Guns

#8 Biulotter Water Guns

By: Biulotter

Biulotter is among the best water guns that offer a fast-shooting experience. You can line up a shot, slide the handle forward, then pull it back for quick firing. What’s more, each douse targets an object or person up to 30 to 35 feet away. This item has a large water tank that accommodates up to 1200cc of liquid. Your kids and friends can enjoy a continuous operation that needs minimum refills. Also, it is structured from eco-safe and sturdy materials for maximum longevity.

Moreover, the overall weight of this toy is not too heavy for the little hands. They can easily control the direction and movement of the water after each trigger. Plus, the design can be used for training naughty behaviors of pets without hurting them. Carry it to the beach, swimming pool, party, outdoor event, or backyard for improved summer fun.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Offers a fast-shooting experience
  • Douses water up to 30 to 30 feet
  • Perfect for kids and adults

#7 B. toys Water Gun – Splishin’ Splash Animal Duo Pack Water Squirts

#7 B. toys – Splishin’ Splash Animal Duo Pack Water Squirts

By: B. toys by Battat

Let your kids enjoy a fun and safe splashing session at home with these water squirts. They are perfect on those hot days and outdoor scenes to cool the little ones. Also, with a lovely animal design, the overall structure stands out from the rest. Made using heavy-duty material, this unit can last longer than similar-priced models. This means secure and extended use to improve your kids eye-hand coordination. Moreover, the set has a quirky shark and funny crocodile water guns for more user value.

Thanks to an ergonomic design, your children can fight each other using streams of water. The pieces are a safe choice to release pent-up energy as well as frustrations. What’s more, they can be used in any summer party such as a birthday, get-together, and more outdoor events. And for the gardeners, you can use these units to water your lawn or plants. Simply fill the tank and push the liquid out effortlessly.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Suitable for hot days and seasons
  • Comes in a 2-set including a shark and crocodile
  • Easy to fill the water tank

#6 Water Gun Toilet Paper Blasters Sheet Storm

#6 Toilet Paper Blasters Sheet Storm

By: TP Blaster Water Guns

These best water guns by TP blaster are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. With sheets of toilet paper, you can transform it into powerful spitballs. Not only that but also it shoots up to a 50ft distance to make the game more exciting. Ensure you use water and not spit to keep the play interesting and healthy. Besides, one roll totals to over 350 spitballs and 2-ply is the best option. And for simple cleaning, the biodegradable design will not stain or leave skid marks. It makes the operation super easy when pumping and blasting the content.

Furthermore, the manual mechanism eliminates the need for batteries or expensive foam darts. It is a fun and sleek gift for any occasion such as Christmas, holidays, birthdays, Easter, retirement, back to school, and much more. The whole family can carry it to camping trips or to the backyard to create lasting memories.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Suited for indoor and outdoor use
  • Shoots streams of water up to 50ft
  • One roll provides over 350 spitballs

#5 Water Gun Super Soaker Thunderstorm

#5 Super Soaker Thunderstorm


Supersoaker is a renowned brand that has different-styled toys that enhance the fun. This water gun keeps your children busy during those lazy weekends or in free time. What’s more, it helps the defender to soak the competition quickly, thanks to the motorized system. Using a high speed, this toy can blast streams of water up to 25ft away. Plus, the trigger has an ergonomic design to allow water dispensing in any direction. Drench the enemy and win the water battle at home in many locations such as a backyard.

Fill the water clip with water and attach it to the blaster to send streams of liquid comfortably. Not only that but also there is no need for pumping, unlike the traditional models. Simply pull the convenient trigger and blast away at high speed. Moreover, the bright color makes the whole game more interesting, colorful, and modern.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Keeps kids busy on long weekends
  • Sends streams of water up to 25ft
  • The trigger is easy to use

#4 Aeromax Astronaut Space Super Water Blaster

#4 Aeromax Astronaut Space Super Water Blaster

By: Aeromax Water Guns

We understand keeping your kids busy during the summer is essential for their development. That’s what this super water blaster guarantees an effortless water spraying session. Also, it blasts the liquid over 30 feet which is ideal for improving good eye-hand coordination. At the same time, your baby can enhance the proper balance and control from the little hands. This item lets the kids soak the competition more with less refilling.

Additionally, this best water gun holds one liter of liquid after quickly filling the reservoir. You only need one pump to splash water away to a far distance. In addition, the advanced structure shoots water in two directions simultaneously or in one direct stream.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Helps keep kids busy in the summer
  • Allows effortless water spraying action
  • The water reservoir holds enough liquid

#3 Stream Machine QF-2000 29.5-Inch Water Launcher Gun

#3 Stream Machine QF-2000 29.5-Inch Water Launcher Gun

By: Water Sports Inc

Are you looking for a durable water gun? Then you are in the right place thanks to the stream machine launcher. It comprises of impregnated colors and high polymers for maximum longevity free of chipping or peeling. Not only that, but also it has a removable collar to give you easy cleaning. This toy can shoot a 3/8-inch stream of water to reach an impressive distance of 70-feet. Plus, it has a dimension of 29.5 inches long featuring a 24″ barrel.

Note that the tube keeps the water flowing quickly and smoothly in every launch. Your kids can now play a fun and exciting game that does not require any battery. Also, it comes in many colors for each child to pick a suitable shade. For easy reloads, submerge this product in water and pull back the sturdy handle. Then finally replenish it to dispense streams of water ideal for kids aged 8 and up.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Made from durable high polymers
  • Dispenses water up to 70 feet
  • For 8-year-olds and above

#2 Water Gun Aeromax Fire Super Fire Power Hose

#2 Aeromax Fire Super Fire Power Hose

By: Aeromax

The best water guns should give your kids a safe and memorable time, just like Aeromax. It has multiple spray settings that blast the liquid over 30ft with a single pump. That means the children can enjoy an exciting and straightforward game when playing with friends and loved ones. Besides, the twin tanks are sturdy and accommodate one liter of water. This delivers approximately 60 pumps to minimize the number of times you refill. Also, it measures 4.25″ high by 9.25″ wide for secure operation.

In addition, the water backpack is made from plastic molding for more durability. It has a firefighter design featuring a nozzle and a water hose. Now, your kid can mimic the actual firefighters at the backyard, swimming pool, beach, and more areas. Its superior and vivid style is perfect for boys and girls aged five and up. Plus, the adjustable straps guarantee a comfortable and safe fit.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It blasts the liquid over 30ft with a single pump
  • The twin tanks hold one liter of water
  • Ideal for girls and boys aged five and above

#1 Nerf Super Soaker Scatterblast Blaster – Best Water Guns

#1 Nerf Super Soaker Scatterblast Blaster

By: Nerf Rebelle Water Gun

Nerf Blaster is a high-quality toy suitable for kids of all ages. Constructed from safe material, your children can play for as long as they want. The construction also withstands unfavorable weather conditions such as too much heat and cold. With a pump handle, this unit delivers up to five streams at once. It lets you dismantle your enemy during a fun outdoor game. What’s more, you can soak a target with a maximum water capacity of 22 ounces.

We take note of the flip-up sight for easy use, especially for little hands. It helps send splashes of liquid up to 34ft away for more excitement. At the same time, it aids in good eye-hand coordination for children. This item has a bright design for aesthetics and keeping the kids interested in the game. Buy one or two for your youngsters or friends on their birthday, Christmas, Newyear, and other occasions.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Ideal for all ages
  • Made from eco-safe materials
  • Sends streams of water up to 34ft.

Key Features To Consider For The Best Water Guns

Summer comes with its good and not so good perks. For instance, you expect scorching heat waves that leave the body hot and kids feeling uneasy. That’s why it is essential to use water guns to keep them busy and cool on those hot days. The following are some of the top features it has.


The best water guns have water reservoirs that hold enough liquid for multiple shooting actions. Some even are large enough to dispense water up to 60 times while others less than 30 instances. Ensure you check the capacity to minimize frequent refills which leads to pausing of the game.

Weight and Design

Also, feel the weight of the water squirt to know if your kids can manage. If you purchase a weighted one, it leads to fatigues of the fingers, hands, and arm. Also, test out the various parts with your baby for smooth operation.

To Conclude:

Keep the heat from your water by using the best water guns. They are handy little gadgets that spray water to a far distance when soaking your enemy. Also, they help keep your children busy during the hot summer to release pent-up energy. Remember to check the overall weight of the best water guns to prevent hand fatigues in every shooting session.

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